Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Postal Dividends, continuing

From Chief Biscuit

Non-bill mail is always delightful, especially when it has an authentic New Zealandish fern frond taped to it. The kind note on the back includes an invitation to come and visit, a trip that sounds completely delightful. I wonder if Air New Zealand takes credit card? Hey Chief, are you going to be around in August?

From the Inimitable KB

Most thoughtful people, when faced with the need to send a postcard, would simply reach for the nearest prefab one, slap a stamp and a note on it. This clearly is not the Tao of the KB. When it arrived in the mail, I was mystified by the 30 staples she affixed to the perimeter. I thought that the inside of her card held a surprise, so I, perhaps equally compulsively, removed every single one. Halfway through the operation, I realized that she meant it to stay together, but by that time, I had gone so far there was no turning back. It turned out that it was simply a piece of knitting graph paper (I can tell because the squares were actually tiny rectangles, with a ratio of 5 to 7) that she folded into quarters. Either way, I am charmed and delighted by her highlighter drawing (sadly, the scanner is blind to day-glo), and her elegant cursive.

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chiefbiscuit said...

Oh yes I will certainly be around in August - you are most most most welcome to come stay! Yay!!!

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