Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Messages from Abroad, more posties

From The H

In the golden past, when the H lived at 327, she displayed a handful of her beautiful collages around the house. They tended to be small, they usually had an bird or a bug, and were always radiant. When she left, they left with her. Now, I am thrilled to have one of my very own. Where shall I put it? This piece is particularly fun because she used one of her own bug-love postcards from APE (I can't say the p-word, because this is not one of those kinds of blogs). The circular diagram appears to be from a dog-breeding reference book.

From Le Poulet

The Poulet and I met at college in the early nineties, which puts him in that immortal-friend category. He is currently working on his PhD. I sent him an old postcard I found (unadorned, so I didn't post it here) of Jesus breaking bread, with a beatific halo. He replied with this lovely image of St Jerome, by Ercole De' Roberti.


H said...

Yes, and I also blacked out the words 'bitch' and 'vulva'. But, a certain bald man-fan of my work is criticizing me for it.

Poulet said...

My Jerome is slightly adorned, if you can peel off the postal sticker and can read the Sharpie print (the Greek on the back may actually be easier to decipher!).

I took some license with "Pneuma"... perhaps I should have translated it "Phantasma." "Pneuma" is less elegant and I definitely have translator's remorse.

Despite that, we really enjoyed the movie.

Camille said...

het poulet!

I peeled off the postal sticker and unfortunately, the sharpie-writing is an impenetrable as the greek! A bunch of the letters are smudged past legibility. Is there a Ghost World reference in there? Or am I completely missing your clues? (thora birch + a word that may or may not be greek for fantasy or spirit or ghost).

Enid is my hero (but that era is in the past-- just today, I went by the goodwill to drop off one pair of steel-toed clown shoes, and two pairs of black boots).

Poulet said...

No "Ghost World" reference in the sharpie bubble text next to Jerome, just something like "I put 20 years into mastering Sanskrit and all I got was this lousy burlap sack!"

Camille said...


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