Thursday, June 14, 2007

The baby Wallet


inside (credit card pockets on the right, and coin pocket on the left)

I made this wallet out of duck tape, and blue card stock (which you cannot see in this picture) and colored it with pink and blue-green permanent markers. I told my sister not to put it on here, but when it comes to her blog, I do not think she pays any attention to me AT ALL!

-the KB


chiefbiscuit said...

Love the colours - I need a new wallet ... Gives me an idea ;)

John B. said...

Okay--there's a bit of narrational ambiguity here for someone not entirely in the know:

1) Who is "I"?

2) (contingent on the answer to (1): Are you "my sister" (which means that the KB is "I")? Or is "my sister" a third party?

Don't mind me; I've been thinking a lot about narrators and narratives of late. But I'm still curious to know.

Camille said...

(I) is the KB, (my sister) is Camille. -KB

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