Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Priced to Move

Yesterday I gave away all my remaining oil paintings. It sounds terrible, but it actually was a lot of fun. They were done five years ago, in my sad man collage period (not anything that I'd really like to be remembered for). I also gave away the huge nude that hung for a while in the living room until my roomies got tired of her. She is going over someone's fireplace.

The lady who took them exclaimed that they were "way better than than I expected" so good in fact, that instead of painting over them, she was going to "hang them up." I even signed them for her. I got to be an art celebrity for 30 seconds.

I told this story to a few friends. They were all vaguely horrified.

Filthy Lucre Rant

I am going to make a 12 hour attempt to get some dough out of my next out-from-under-the-bed art collection, just so I can say I tried. If no one calls in the next 12 hours, they are going on the free-list (where my real fans lurk) because I cannot move them.

Why Its Easier to Just Give it Away

This kind of "art" is produced by the tons in art schools. For people to part with money, for stuff that essentially has no material value, the artist has to be a big deal. I like it when people are happy and although money is nice, I'd much rather the art go to a good home. It is so depressing when things don't sell, that I'd rather avoid that at all costs (what! I am not a Damien Hirst!!? Will My Ego Ever Recover?). And I hate putting pressure on my friends to buy things (no pressure! no pressure!). This is why real artists have agents to deal with the chores of pricing and bill-collecting. Its not just tedious, its actually painful.


Camille said...

I sold two mounted pieces for 50 cents each! Ha Ha!

Camille said...

I don't know how to interpret the data from my experiment. Should I consider trying to sell them? Dang, it will go very slowly.

The Molly said...

The house is feeling nuder and nuder as your furniture goes and all your ink piles go--big sketch pads and trunks of makeshift material....This house all an emblem of Carmen

Rosa said...

eek! Camille! Can they not find a good home in Mount Hermon? Wish we could pay what they're worth, but we'd at least hang them over the ugly blue sofa! I think we should noegotiate........

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