Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comments Please

One of my loyal readers informed me that the commenting was limited to "team members." I was horrified. It has been rectified. Thank you for your patience.


H said...

I miss you too C-lady.

chiefbiscuit said...

I'm pleased I can comment!
Enjoying reading about your impressions of 'going back'. Always an interesting - unsettling?in a good way, but always weird - experience.

Anonymous said...

It was very scary thinking you were creating a "team member". Not the "member" part as much as the "team".

Seeing you using an athletic term in defining your closer friends who could commment caused me to hyper-ventalate, and I had to shut down my laptop.

I am so relieved it was error. I got really worried that change was occurring so quickly in you. Oh thank you....... I am so happy.

Camille said...

Weird things happen when you mix blogger with dial-up...

again, thanks for your patience!

Rosa said...

thanks for the call the other day, 'Mille! Sorry I couldn't pick up-I had two toddlers and a mother in law to wrangle. ("MIL-Wrangling" is a little known recreational sport, one fraught with danger!)
Anyway, can I be on Team Camille? I can't throw/catch, I despise most athletic team sports, and will shrink away from any about it? signed, the original Miss Gangly, Pale, Afraid of the Ball

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