Friday, August 24, 2007

Perfect Moments

I have been fantasizing about writing all week, but I haven't had the chance until now, and I realize I am having a "perfect moment"

I am sitting here, writing and El Cab is reading to himself in French and wiggling his toes. The view out of the window I am perched at isn't exactly like this picture, but as soon as the sun sets, it will look like this. The fog is over the City, and Bear town is laid out like a tapestry at my feet.

Dream Journal

I was setting up a chess board. It was only half a board, and I had no adversary. My pieces were black and I was having trouble arranging them because I couldn't figure out who the King and Queen were. I found a Shogun and his wife, and a beggar couple. Maybe the beggar pieces were pawns, it was very ambiguous. There were two rooks and a bonus cathedral that when I turned it over, was intricately sculpted on the inside-- I could see the ribbings of the vaults, the balconies, and there were tiny little deer standing among the pews. I found a single horse, that may have been the Knight, but no partner, and a single jester with wild hair. I looked up and the carver of the pieces introduced himself to me, and I realized that the jester had been his self-portrait.


Anonymous said...
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chiefbiscuit said...

That photo looks surreal - like something out of a sci fi movie - or a Camille Dream Journal maybe ...

jessica said...

i like the bonus cathedral. and a bonus to the bonus cathedral-the tiny deer. that is probably one of the most amazing things in the history of the known universe. you have perhaps with said little cathedral and tiny deer put an end to the duldrums. perfect for a pocket. two weeks ago i was doodling little tiny deer everywhere...on palms, hanging around council estates, on window ledges. there's something about little deer if nature is taking over again our built things but ever so gently, with a hint of melancholy. rabbits wouldn't have the same affect.

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