Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Serial Collage

serialcollage, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I have been rather frustrated with Swap-bot lately. Especially the swaps I have conceived and hosted. Half the people don't read the directions, the other half that does gets upset because their partner didn't read the directions and then participants complain to me, and no one answers the nagging emails I send and on and on. So, to remedy the situation, I am hosting another slightly conceptual swap, with even more forbidding scarymean art verbiage.

Fantasy Art Projects

I still want to go back to art school, but since I haven't yet, the next best thing seems to be to torture other swap-botters with my "ideas." I'd love to do series and series-within-a-series of collages. This is the first of, what I hope, becomes a series of a series of swaps. (I am wondering is there a better word for that? metaseries, perhaps? but that sounds like the less euphemistic cousin of a suppository) Half the fun is writing the directions. My goal is to discourage the mindless crafters (of course, none of my readers fall into that category) while whetting the appetite of the thoughtful, interesting artists.

My Idea

Originally, I wanted to take a compositional element and use it in each piece. It turned out I found cool photos of cables. I also found some other texturally interesting scraps, too. The geometric painting, the scrap that looks like TV static and a few others. I ended up working on all of them at once. The process was quite organic-- I found compositional elements (the horizon line, the slanting lines) and tried to reproduce them and change them at the same time (musicians call this a variation on a theme). I ended up using and reusing more elements than I originally planned, but for now, I am happy with the way it turned out.


Balt. Van H. said...

hey neutral predicate,

Thanks for the plug (as the kids say)in previous post.

How funny- tomorrow's post at WK is slated to be on collage theory, from old notes lately retooled; occasioned by my having taking up collaging again lately after a few years' hiatus.

It's fun sometimes to take a simple comp element such as your diag. line and run them together, creating sort of a suture of the frames (assuming you preserve them intact enough, as you do here,to recognize as such): it thematizes in a way the act of collage, stitching the disparate along lines of inventively perceived connections.

Camille said...

Thanks for visiting, Balthazar. I have never seen any of your collages and I hope you post them on your blog.

H said...

Oooooooo.... this might get me to join swapbot. Can I be in your group? I promise I won't send anything "crafty".

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