Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trailer Park Pho

We were trying to cook spaghetti last night. We had the pasta, two cans of tomato product, and a can of beef stock. I imagined a few tablespoons of the stock would impart a nice beefiness to the sauce and at the same time, thin the tomato paste.

Bulging Cans

I was a bit horrified to discover the large can of stewed tomatoes was bulging. I don't know much about bulging cans but it made me think there may have been some botchulism in it. So we were down to one tiny can of tomato sauce.

When does it stop being spaghetti?

It wasn't until I found myself pouring the hot broth over the cooked spaghetti did I realize I had inadvertently created a trailer park version of Vietnamese pho. It was surprisingly good. In the future I am going to add vegetables.

Trailer Park Pho

small can of tomato sauce
can of beef broth
1/2 c. Wolaver's Brown Ale
1 tbsp of maple syrup
2 c. cooked spaghetti (al dente!)
two minced garlic cloves
Italian seasonings (basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, a bay leaf, a dash of pepper...)

1) In a small saucepan combine the tomato, broth, seasonings and garlic.
2) Bring to a boil
3) Pour broth over noodles.

bon appetit!


Anonymous said...

That's a damn fancy pho! Wolaver's? Next time you should try it with a can of Veg-All and Hamm's beer.

Home & Pet Care by Nikki said...

Mmmm...A meal concoction that sounds delightful to eat with you.

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