Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lovely Murals

Bringing the Cows in

I saw these recently and I don't know anything about them, besides the general date on the side of the building. Which, now, I am not so sure, was it 1936?

Harvesting the Apples

This makes me nostalgic for a time when murals didn't have to make a political statement.



Auntie Mikie said...

These are WPA murals like the ones in Coit Tower, but may be by a different artist. They are wonderful, aren't they?

Camille said...

Yes, they are wonderful. I am sure you are right, the date the building was built is 1930.

H said...

This sure beats the mosaic at Landels.

rosa said...

or all the murals in downtown SC put together! And I tagged you with a meme, Camille! Read my blog and follow along!

Anonymous said...

hey, I almost thought these were the coit tower ones.

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