Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Week In Review

Doc's Clock
Cocktail Time

Dutch and I went to the Mission to run some errands on Sunday (really important things like trying a highly recommended pupusa joint-- the pork and cheese pupusa-- corn battered, deep-fried pork and cheese, need I say more?). We went by Doc's Clock. I have never been in, but the sign's juxtaposition of timepieces, cocktails and a venerable medical professional is one of the many surreal touches that lends this 'hood its character.

Nuestra Mission
Nuestra Mission

Another sign from a Mission lamp post. I am not sure which organization put this up, or who's agenda it serves, but the two women look like unfortunate victims of a genetic mutation.

Elegant Gopher Control
blue heron

I saw this bird stalking ground rodents in my yard yesterday. She stood still enough for me to approach with the camera. I blinked at one point and her head was tilted up and a little brown creature was trying to wriggled out of her beak before it was swallowed. She is huge, at least 4 feet high when she is standing straight.

Marx vs Smith

I never had a pedicure before. My friend, E, from the UK, and I got them on Saturday. She said that back home they were "so expensive no one got them, but labor here is so cheap that they are quite affordable."

Thank you, Judy, you did a great job on my toes.

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chiefbiscuit said...

I'm so pleased you're back taking photos and writing about your neighbourhood. Inspiring stuff as always. Love the toes!

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