Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vicente Beach

I was just visiting Chief's blog and she was posting about a beach and it just so happens I have a bunch of pictures I just took of a beach in my town.

Vicente Beach, at the border of Black and White

view north

Dutch and I wandered here Thursday evening to eat Chinese food at an Islamic place. Or would it be more appropriate to say "eat Islamic at a Chinese place?" Either way, its porkless and if the piggies are happy, I'm happy too.

pebbles 3

The pebbles were were very colorful. When I got home, I found my pockets were full of rocks. I used to be an unstoppable rock-hoarder when I was three, and it seems very little has changed since then.


The black part of the beach felt very exotic. Usually the beaches are beige, like the bluffs. I am not sure if its natural, or from the recent oil spill. The black sand was also sparkly, so when the light was right, it was like standing on the night sky.

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chiefbiscuit said...

I love your beach as much as I love mine! So many colourful pebbles - I swear I would go bananas trying not to pick them all up.:)

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