Saturday, May 31, 2008

/ore early morning thoughts

,? Got up at my usual saturday wake up time (about 7:45) and after
reading a little (the most recent issue of "?image' which is vaguely
like new yorker for tormented catholics id put a link here but i dont
know how yet) i thought how nice it would be to blog and then i
dreaded getting out of my cozy bed and sitting at my uncomfortable
computer and then i realized that i did have the cue rising
inspirational music here technology to blog directly from bed bed bed
it was worth getting out of bed long enough to set that up but i
didnt realize it would take an hour and that it wasnt as
straightforward as i imagined but it now seems to be working. There
are some funny issues my thumbs are already worn out so now i feel
like i am blogging not for a grown up but the scale of my phones
keyboard suggests that iam hunting and pecking chicken scratch words
for my barbie doll. And the screen is so tiny that i can only see one
brilliant and witty sentence at a time! And my accountant frets about
what this will do to...

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