Saturday, May 31, 2008

Post breakfast

I have been meaning to write about the book lies my teacher told me by
james loewen for a long time stop dutch thought i would find it
interesting and he was right since i only can post one fat paragraph
at a time from the phone so i am not going to post a synopsis of the
book stop reading right now and dont come back until youve read what
they say at amazondotcom okay ready the first thing that struck me
was how much of that american history propaganda i had unconsciously
absorbed i even got it growing up from my father who would say things
like the reason the indians couldnt keep this continent was because
they didnt believe in god end quote the second thing that struck me
was that the alternative american history he preseted resembled my own
experience and the family stories i inherited so closely so that it
resonated deeply stop his histories are full of broken people in messy
situations making dubious decisions which can be said about the human
race in general stop gone are the noble founding father etc


H said...

Hard read brain hurt oww... no punctuation... not sure... where to... start... or stop... wait... brain hurting too much... owww...

The Nikkster said...

it's like reading cambodian in their own language-no punctuation except for questions and ends of paragraphs

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