Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zizek and Fozzy Bear, Separated at Birth?

Fozzie Bear the Muppet, originally uploaded by ifanboy.

Fact: They both have two zs in their names.

Fact: They are both fuzzy.

Fact: They both traffic in "unfunny jokes" for a living.

Fact: They both have an Eastern European heritage. (Literally for Zizek, but a strong case can be made for Fozzy Bear being a parody of an old-style Catskills-circuit Jewish comedian)


On Sunday night, Dutch and I cuddled up to the first season of the Muppet Show. Then on Monday night we viewed Zizek! the documentary. As I struggled to follow Zizek's thinking and accent, strange patterns started to emerge, Fozzy Bearlike patterns; absurdism and gentle self-mockery (intentional or not). And while its unlikely Fozzy Bear would sit down and discuss anything remotely pretentious (hallelujah!) they both are commenting on culture and ideology.


Poulet said...

Yes! I happened to see the other day that Season 3 was released ... that clued me in that seasons 1 and 2 were out there. A cultural treasure.

rosa said...

I somehow ended up with the family collection of paper mache Muppet Christmas ornaments. They are fabulous....but getting a wee bit ratty. What should do with them?

H said...

You're on to something here...

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