Monday, June 2, 2008


Since I moved to the city, I have had to make a lot of adjustments. Most of them have been good (no more 90+ mile commute! Dutch is just down the street! I get to wear sweaters all year!) and some of them have been a sacrifice. One of the things that I don't have as much energy for is writing and drawing and this is making me sad (I don't even have room in my tiny cell for anything besides sleeping).

One Remedy-- Blogging by Txt Msg

Text message blogging (or blogging by phone) is an entirely new beast and it is freeing me from being tethered to my computer-corner. I tried blogging from work, but besides getting interrupted, I don't have any privacy. Writing from my phone allows me to be anywhere, even on the road (in the passenger side, of course). Bear with me as I figure out how to add punctuation and capital letters and other various conventions that make writing readable (I had no idea how nice punctuation is!).

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H said...

I want to wear sweaters all year long...

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