Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tyrannies and Blessings of Scheduling

As I sit down to write this post I am overwhelmed by a few things.


1) The weight of the cliche of the next announcement I'd like to make. Now I understand why people like to make the next announcement only on the finest cotton rag in bed with intaglio plates at a pressure of a few thousand pounds with a couple of heavy wool sheets, just to soften the blow a little.

2) After wrangling with seasons, outdoor vs indoor, a specific budget, economic uncertainty differing preferences, two nice mothers, two busy families, our own ignorance/impatience/workload/age, opposing schedules, procrastination, recent marriage legislation that will take effect June 17th, fuzzy priorities (that are in the process of getting sharper), a room that is opening up in my house July 1, delicate religious sensibilities, the narrow options in a court wedding, and a rejection email from Seoul (Korea) Middle School all swirled together yesterday (June 4th) in a maelstrom of madness, frantic phone calls, desperate searching on County Clerks' websites across the region, tears, soaring emotions, online payments, calendar dates swirling and impossible to track and mad mad clicking. When the dust settled, a Wedding Date finally emerged, glowing, glorious, in the future like a hot asphalt mirage.

June 11th, 2008. We have exactly two more days where we can still "cancel for a refund." After that, the SF County Clerk doesn't mind whether we show or not, they still get the money.

The network that I breath in, of relationships, ties, obligations and love has never been so real and palpable. For the last 8 years I have lived nominally independently but now I feel like a trapeze artist who can enjoy her free fall because she knows there's a big fat mattress at the bottom of the arena that is turning an event that could be a disaster into something that is a thrilling and serious lark. Champagne!

PS. The county clerk is only allowing 6 guests (including witnesses) to the ceremony (four parents, three sisters and hopefully the KB can sneak in). If you did not get a frantic phone call from me yesterday, do not feel left out. Dutch and I are planning a church wedding/rocking reception for next summer, so keep an eye out on your mailboxes.


H said...

Darling! I am so very, very, very happy for you! Congratulations to you both! Both of you will be in my heart next week. I think spur of the moment weddings are far more romantic and meaningful than those large ass ceremonies that you spend the summer trying to save enough money to fly in a plane to... not that I am referring to any big wedding being planned by a younger sibling...

Poulet said...

Wish I had read your blog entry before your Facebook update, but I've been getting lazy with your blog's uber-labyrinthine security system.

Now everything is clear! And you won't have to leave the Presidio. Very nice. Hyperbolic congrats to you and Joe. Mazel tov!

(P.S. Since you're going high-tech with the mobile blog posts, you might also consider importing your posts into Facebook. Sally does it, and that might make it easier on the laziest of your fans, plus block out annoying kids. Just a thought. As if you needed one more thing added to your to do list!)

Auntie Mikie said...

Your announcement left me speechless...for a moment. Now I am beginning to find words like Trust and Faith and Courage and Fun. Good for you. Blessings.

Camille said...

thank you Auntie Mikie! I ate some halvah the other day and thought of you. :)


what is so hard about logging into gmail? easy schmeesy.

update! we decided we want our own place, so no more presidio. :) :(

Poulet said...

OK, I'm chill now. This password thing ain't so hard after all... :)

Good luck house/apartment hunting! Sorry that you can't stay in the Presidio... that place rocked. But two hipsters in love will be fine anywhere in S.F. :)

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