Friday, June 27, 2008

Not Just an Art Teacher

This blog has been dark this week for a number of reasons; I have been
playing in my toy kitchen and I have been studying for the CTEL exam.
Since I gave up on my beach bum, swinging single Flip Flop lifestyle,
the demands of a 'real job' have become more intense in proportion to
the benefits. So in exchange for the pleasure of regular doctor
visits, I have sacrificed this, my second week of summer, on the altar
of earning my CTEL certificate, which says to the tax-paying public 'C
is highly qualified to teach English to non-English speaking public
school art students.' The test is 6 hours long and it starts tomorrow
at 7:30 am. I always pass standardized tests, but I am intimidated by
this one. We have to bring our own pencils! The subject matter is
still very abstract in my mind coupled with my suspicion that this is
merely another poorly disguised state racket (each teacher will spend
between 300 to 3k) . In my situation, my ESL students would benefit
more if i collaborated with the school's ESL teacher.


Poulet said...

Good luck on the test! You'll do great!

Camille said...


The Nikkster said...

Oh the big bad standardized tests. Phooey! You'll have no problem-o!

angel said...

I'm sure you set the curve, camille baby! it was great to see your dimples & beautiful face yesterday; even if it was for all of 5 min., 'twas a glorious 5 minutes.

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