Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Second day of summer

THis second day of summer is sunny and only a tiny bit blustery. This
is the second day of summer and i am looking forward to forgetting
what day of the week it is. I am sitting in a cafe on Polk St- it
reminds me of Flip Flop- the street people are out enjoying the sun
and there are plenty of opportunities for people watching. I am trying
to study for the CLAD test- which i need to pass if i ever want to
teach in this state. It might be a perfect afternoon.


H said...

Not to be all technical or anything but Thursday is the first day of summer...

The Nikkster said...

Why would anyone want to teach in this state? There are no more jobs...18,000 teachers lost their jobs this year.

Get away...far away!

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