Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good-bye Housemates!

couple, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Dutch and I took a huge step yesterday when we signed an apartment lease together. The place is the size of a cracker box, but it has parking (come and visit) and a real kitchen ( a lot of the apartments in our ha ha budget range had kitchenettes for people who never cook). It took a whole seven days of focused effort and a lot of prayer to land the place. Now we are starting to feel more "married." Commuting to our two separate places feels more like I am hanging out with a casual boyfriend. Soon we will say good-bye to our housemates (there is a combined total of six happy adieus). As soon as we are settled, I am inviting everyone for another housewarming.

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H said...

YAAAAY!!! Congratulations! My mother had lots of newlywed stories about her and my father: father living on an air force base in Illinois, mother living in parents house in Sacto. Congratulations on your new digs! You can decorate!
I must come and get up off my butt and visit! Sorry for being the derelict friend.

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