Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cabbage Joy

Thanks to all my readers who sent in preparation ideas for cabbage. We went with ML's suggestion for sauteing cabbage with tomato sauce.

We had it for dinner tonight, and we'll probably have it again soon.

Couscous and Cabbage

prepare a mess of couscous per box instructions (substituting chicken broth for water)
chop up half a head of cabbage
dice two slices of bacon and brown in an iron skillet
add cabbage and a can o' tomato sauce
add a splash of that undrinkable plum liquer you have collecting dust on your fridge
add a toss of dried Italian herbs
and a couple drops of Mexican hot sauce (we used Tapatio)
simmer covered for as long as it takes to listen to an episode of Fresh Air (well, maybe not quite, maybe check about fifteen minutes into it)
serve the cabbage over the couscous in a generous bowl.
Garnish with labni or grated peccorino, or both!
bon apetit!


H said...

Labni? Is there actually a cheese I am not familiar with? How could this be? This cabbage dish sounds delicious-- even at 7:30 a.m.

Camille said...

Labni is disguised at Trader Joe's as "Mediterranian Yogurt Cheese" which sounds about as appetizing as "American Cheese Food." The Palistinian momma who runs Apollo Cafe (on the corner of Fell and Laguna) swears it is a more tasty alternative to American Sour Cream. Imagine a more yogurty sour cream and you'll have labni (or lehbni, depending how they romanize it).

H said...

Ahhh.... Thank you for the lesson! I had to look it up after I read your post. I have had the Trader Joe's Meditteranean yogurt cheese, and love it, despite the name. These things aren't available at the neighborhood Indian, Chinese and Korean markets in S'vale.

Camille said...

Surely you've at least got a Russian or Middle Eastern market somewhere down there.

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