Saturday, December 20, 2008


Checkers, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Most of the time, I am secretly convinced my After Lunch School hates me. The kids are often rude, the administration harried and focuses on other crises, the communication nil. This semester hasn't been easy. Through an elaborate misunderstanding, I thought I was going to be putting on an art show last week. So I dutifully collected 100 pieces of art, filed them, twisted arms, coerced, labeled them, mounted them and right before I was about to adorn the walls with them, I find out that it isn't happening. Hasn't been scheduled, didn't I know?


Oh. My P suggested I could put them up in the halls and then the parents could see them on their way to the important things.

I grabbed a student and we taped them up in ten minutes. It was strangely satisfying. Even though no one was coming for the art, hopefully folks would be pleasantly surprised. The hall needed some color.

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Kay said...

Just love your spirit. And if the paintings are like the one you posted an image of, they must've cheered up a lot of people.

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