Tuesday, December 23, 2008

lazy housewife

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I slept in until 8:30. Yesterday I went around town spending my husband's money.  Isn't this why women get married?  (yeah yeah, I know, there are other things too.  But since I have gotten married, I have been working very hard every day (a big wah wah!), and this is the first time I have had a work vacation that coincided with a personal-life vacation)

I thought we had already blown our wad on bills this month, so I was a bit surprised when I called Dutch and he said that we had a little extra to get the girls something for Christmas. So I set out yesterday with my pockets full of quarters for the bus and my first stop was Japantown.  We are blessed with many malls in this town, but none are as cool as J-town.  The fake cherry blossoms were festooned with Christmas lights and even the bonsai sparkled.  It turned out that my favorite antique store was having one of its kimono sales.  Every woman needs a vintage kimono to wear around the house when they are feeling indulgent, right?  Your local drycleaners can take care of the mothball smell...
Then I went to Ichiban Kan.  Like my pappi before me, I HATE spending money (although if I pretend, falsely, that its Dutch's money, then its much easier).  Its easy to spend at the Ichi because everything is a buck and its cool.  The little tiny erasers shaped like sushi rolls are only fifty cents!  Every kid would die to have a tiny eraser shaped like strange Japanese food, right?  (Sorry, the example is a western strawberry shortcake thing, but there were others shaped like brown-grey potatoes, pinecone-like objects and unidentifiable rice dishes).
I continued on to a number of other places that weren't quite as noteworthy.  Then I met up with Dutch to run an errand in North Beach, where we stumbled upon Aria Antiques.  We knew it was going to be a treat when we saw early 20th century anatomical models in the window.  Between the old snapshots on the tables, to the huge scientific charts on the walls, to the 18th century correspondence, there was something fascinating everywhere we looked.  Pity we don't run a museum.


franny said...

i was just at ichiban kan two weeks ago. the bento boxes ! the tiny things ! i love it.

and i don't have a kimono but i've been coveting one for a while.

rosa said...

I love Japantown too.
We were up in your neck of the world this weekend taking G for dim sum in Chinatown. We gorged and then gorged somemore. It was my first such experience. I've long loved SF but that was P.D.S.... (pre-dim sum). "A hundred million miracles-are happening everyday!"(-name what musical!)

H said...

I think it's a good thing I haven't been to Ichban Kan. My accountant is quite displeased with me at the moment.

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