Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where are the Theramins?

Its been a long while since I have heard/seen a theramin. The memory I do have (Stanford Theater, sometime in the '80s) might actually be a false one (was it a picture? a movie? did I actually see one?). I'd love to hear one played again.

As I was cruising the event postings for Christmas week for my town, I ran into this ad. It mentioned Burlesque, Theramins and Odd Live Music. My heart soared, my interest picqued, I was ready to slap down some credit and get tickets.

Then I saw the date. Its smack dab on Christmas, when I'll be hanging out with my family.

AND THEN I saw it was hosted by the Church of Satan, sending my Inner Puritan into fits.


PS. After my initial disappointment, I realized that the Satanists don't have a monopoly on the theramin. So, after a little digging, I found a theramin lounge band that has dates in my neighborhood next month! I don't have to sell my soul! Or leave my 'hood! Or suffer hellish opening acts!


franny said...

i was just thinking about theremins a few days ago. come to think of it, hannibal lecter plays one. that's why i was thinking about.

you can hear a theremin in the beach boy's "i just wasn't made for these times".

H said...

Uh yeah... I'd think your parents would never forgive you if you chose to spend Christmas with the LeVey's.

Camille said...

Hey Franny, Real villains like the theremin-- Lenin was such a fan, he took lessons.

Camille said...

and Good Vibrations!

Kay said...

Good Vibrations is one of my fav songs. Is it a theorem that Jack from White Stripes plays in the Cigarettes and Coffee movie? (altho' thinking more about it, I think it was some sort oscillator ...)
Looking forward to hearing more.

rosa said...

A few years back a guy was playing one in front of Mister Goodies. We were with the Elevens and stayed gawking for a long time in the afternoon sun. It was a magical SC moment.

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