Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009

2008 has been a transformative year.

I got married this year!  Strange but true. A miracle.

I got hired, laid off and rehired at a real job. Another miracle.

We moved into our very own apartment for the first time,  Ah sweet privacy.

Hopes and Dreams for 09

Work situation remains stable, or improves.

Grow up.

Peace and Happiness All Over the World, for Everybody.

Throw some good parties.

Improve our health.

Eat some good food.

Teach some good lessons.

Learn some good lessons.

Give Dutch some noogies.


bjturner said...

What's so exciting about growing up? But throwing some good parties... that's on my list, too -- been far too long (since the pienoceros, I think).

Camille said...

Hey Ben! Thanks for visiting.

In my small experience in growing up, it has meant that I

1)worry less
2)sleep more
3)have better relationships
4)travel more
5)larger audiences and more opportunities to be creative.
6)more confidence

all good things. And if I can leave stuff behind like paranoia, anger and insanity, then so be it. It certainly doesn't mean I'll stop eating wild blackberries and climbing trees.

H said...

Thanks for letting me spend New Years with you guys! I had a lot of fun! Thank you for the chicken, cheese, bread, pancakes and fabulous coffee! It was wonderful! You guys are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

and read some good comics. and draw some!

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