Friday, January 23, 2009

I have been trying to write for the past hour.  I just deleted a page of unfinished sentences and half thoughts.  I can't seem to pick one to consider at any length.  Is this an effect of long-term stress?

Things I have been distracted by:

The Family Guy (what a wretched show, but I can't seem to peel myself away)
Reading blogs (much better use of time, but still.  Props to John B for making me wish I was in a college English class again, and to MB for making me laugh).
Facebook.  I am finding many of my old highschool classmates for the first time, but the most interesting people are not to be found (I even tried google).  Although it would help if I knew how to spell her name...
The butternut squash in the oven, vis, keeping the fire alarms silent, in spite of the quantities of black smoke pouring out of it.

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