Thursday, January 22, 2009


This Christmas, the In-Laws gave us a gigantic TV. Coupled with the stacks of DVDs from netflix, we have been consuming movies at the startling rate of one a night. Last night, we were both feeling a little under the weather, so Dutch ordered pizza (with zucchini) and we watched movies until bedtime. It has been so much fun watching movies, that I haven't had any time to write.

Last night's double feature captured the polarities of the grand Pacific Rim-- There Will Be Blood and the original Godzilla. In both movies, we were treated to scenes of towers melting/burning down and stunning views of the Pacific. Blood was particularly interesting because it was set in the high desert of southern California-- a place that looms large in my imagination. Some of my oldest memories are of the horse-style oil wells that cover the land between Tehachapi and Bakersfield. Before watching the movie, I had never given them much thought. Godzilla was quite enjoyable for other reasons, for example, watching a rubber dinosaur destroy a miniature Tokyo, or watching the divers getting fitted into vintage diving suits.


Poulet said...

Legal Counsel and I also got an HDTV for Christmas! She immediately started calling it "the black hole," not because she feared it would be hugely increasing our TV watching but because this jet black void was now consuming a corner of our living room, everything else orbiting around it. She was terrified. Initially, she wanted to buy a tapestry to put over it.

But she has changed in mere weeks. This morning, she turned on the national network morning shows (which she NEVER, EVER did before) and gazed in awe at the bright colors.

What have we done?

H said...

EEghads! It's kind of funny that my cable hasn't been working this week...and everyone else is watching TV. I have a choice between any of the numerous QVC channels or National Geographic. There is only so much cubic zirconian and Dog Whisperer I can stand. The lack of television hasn't increased my productivity level.

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