Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stills from a Wes Anderson flick, or are those people my in-laws?

Dunraven Pass

If you answered the latter, you would be right.  That athletic man on the left is Dutch Senior, circa 1975.  From 1971-1978, Poppa Dutch was in charge of a Central Valley high school youth group and a huge part of his ministry was leading bicycle trips-- serious, multi-day journeys across vast tracts of the continent.

New Family
June '75
Those two cute people are my in-laws.  That little dumpling is Dutch.  This picture makes me verklempt.


M. L. Benedict said...

What a great looking family!

H said...

I love the striped tube socks, sweatbands and bicycles!

Kay said...

Time is relative. Now I am a grandmother, it is even more relative than it has been previously.

Anonymous said...

Dutch looks even more like his dad than most guys (...look like their own dads that is... not "than most guys look like Dutch's dad)

H said...

Where are you? I'd love to read another post!

Poulet said...

That's awesome. Love old family pix!

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