Friday, February 27, 2009


The students will be descending momentarily, so this will be brief.

I was just glancing at a newsletter from my union.  On the masthead it says, "Money Matters," and the title of the leading article is, "Learn from the Past or You May Miss Opportunities."  It struck me that those two sentences are really statements of faith.  Faith in a rebounding economy.  Faith in the stability of our currency.  Faith in ever-expanding technology, or in the resiliency of our culture.

Is this rosy optimism warranted?  As the reservoirs dry up, as the ice melts, as violence overtakes parts of the globe, as a lay-off letter is surely waiting for me somewhere downtown.  Not that I am depressed, its just that I'd rather take my two little lego-bricks-of-faith and stow them somewhere else.  Even burying them in the garden seems like a better alternative than waiting for salvation on the wings of my stock-broker.


M. L. Benedict said...

Well said, Camille.

Kay said...

'two little lego-bricks of faith'... brilliant!

H said...

Did you hear about the study with college students who blog? It was found that those who blogged about how negatively their life was going were found to feel better emotionally after doing so. This is random and really has nothing to do with what you wrote...

The Nikkster said...

A wise person once said, faith is spelled R - I - S - K.

And Jesus told the story of the 3 workers who were given talents: 5 talents to one, 2 talents to another, and 1 talent to the last.

To the ones with 5 and 2 talents who invested them and doubled the amount, the master rewarded them equally.

To the one who buried his, the master gave it to the one with the most, then sent him away.

The moral: use your talents/gifts/skills/money given to you, don't bury or hide them away. (just to paraphrase)

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