Friday, March 6, 2009

Cooking Beyond Measure: How to Eat Well without Formal Recipes Cooking Beyond Measure: How to Eat Well without Formal Recipes by Jean Johnson (food writer)

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The other day, Dutch came hope with a stack of cookbooks he got on cheap at Stacey's going out of business sale. He knew I liked cookbooks with short ingredient lists and even shorter directions. He guessed right, and Cooking without Measure is a cookbook I wish I had written first. The writer combines fresh, seasonal produce with fun ingredients to create savory, straightforward dishes. I tried the rolled ups (or crepes) and the way she described making the batter was so clear and direct that I had no problem replicating them at home. She also uses a lot of cheese, which is always a good thing (now I am looking for the Ski Queen caramelized goat cheese she keeps raving about). Plenty of the other recipes look good enough to try also-- like the "Sou'wester Chile with Chocolate and Pomegranates," and "Greens with Pears and Swiss" (probably tonight).
The only reason I am giving four stars is that sometimes her folksy, narrative style of writing gets in the way of actually deciphering the directions.
This is a great book for cooks who love to play and experiment with new things and old friends, who need an excuse to try a new vegetable, or combination, or who have a fridge full of random things that need to be eaten. In a word, for people who actually cook.

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H said...

I think I'm coming to your house for dinner.

Camille said...

YES, come on down!

The Nikkster said...

I must READ this book!

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