Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good News

My lay-off was rescinded (in duplicate!). Thank-you for all your thoughts and prayers! The letters were waiting for me at my house, a mere half hour after that chat from the previous post.


Kay said...

I am so pleased for you - God is looking after you - as always!

H said...


Camille said...

thank you!

The Nikkster said...

Hip, hip hooray for you thrice!

H said...

Hey! I remembered another recipe you can make with eggs, bread, cheese and veggies! My mom used to toast bread, put leftover steamed asparagus, a fried egg, sprinkled parmasan cheese and cooked it under the broiler for an undetermined amount of time... you can use the Old Amsterdam instead of parmasan. Thank you both for your hospitality! I definately have to visit more often!

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