Saturday, April 11, 2009

knitting with dutch

I used to knit all the time. I knit sweaters (plenty of ugly ones) and scarves and hats and weird hats that I actually wore in public. My favorite hat was a yard long red garden gnome style stocking cap. I lost it in the san francisco bay sailing. I think my parents were secretly relieved. I finally stopped knitting after my hands started hurting. By then I had other things to do, like go to college and a boyfriend and even though I tried to pick it up since then, it has never stuck. This afternoon I took Dutch to a reputable knitting store to get some supplies. I thought he would enjoy it because like me, he has busy hands, and I always found it calming (and somehow like playing tetris, but better, because I had something concrete to show for my time). Plus, the texture of the wool is lovely. After picking up two skeins of brown sheep superwash in a manly shade (oatmeal) and a small set of circular bamboo needles, we settled into a cozy coffee shop a block away and I showed him how to do the knit stitch. He picked it up immediately. Its been nearly two hours and his scarf is about four inches long. His needles have been clicking away.


H said...

YAY!!! This is wonderful to hear! Knitting is therapy.

Kay said...

I love knitting too and funny but the urge to knit has been growing with me lately as well - but that happens with me every winter. Happy knitting both of you!

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