Sunday, July 12, 2009


In spite of getting lost at my own hometown airport (its amazingly confusing, or maybe its only confusing when I'm completely nervous and have low blood sugar. I asked me dad to drop me off at terminal one, but it was not labelled such from the freeway, so I figured he should drop me off at the international terminal, forgetting that we had a layover in Memphis. It took getting on the wrong airport train and taking a gratuitous ride to the train terminal to get me back to the correct place) we made it to Amsterdam yesterday. Airports are such great places to people watch. The outlandish costumes, the global fasion victims, the loud, the lost, the lovable unwashed hordes-- we were no exception. We boarded a city bus right outside of Schipol (sheep-hole) and took it to what appeared to be a mere few inches from where we thought our hotel was. We were wrong on every count. Carrying all our luggage (lots of it, because we are going camping, too) we wandered the lovely streets, passing some other tourists in the same predicament twice. We saw them a third time after we found it, at the hotel bar- at that point we all had a good laugh.

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The Nikkster said...

When preparing for my first international travels as an exchange student, the organization gave us very good advice.

Pack your luggage and walk around the block with it. Then reduce it by half.

Also, I have learned that you should only pack/take what you are willing to carry great distances.

I know it's a bit late advice now, but in Europe you're often do a lot of inter-transportation transfers (bus to taxi to train, etc.) and it's good to go light.

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