Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one flu over

When one realizes one has not moved from one's spot in bed for exactly 24 hours- it gives one pause. When one feels like that may not be a bad thing, considering the context- one may start panicking.

I find myself spending a great deal of energy not panicking at the moment. Its more work than it may seem, especially if it is all one has to do. I have had to suspend all responsible adult activities-- no bills, no worrying about parking tickets or substitute plans for work. Or grades, or wrapping up classes. I should be enjoying this vacation, but I feel so needlessly guilty for all the inconvenience I am causing people.

I have a good excuse. On Monday I got a flu shot. Ten years ago, I made the same mistake and that spring I spent a few days puking in an airless pink bathroom. I vowed to forever abstain from the flu shot. I have gotten the flu since then, but I cannot remember it being that bad. When my doctor recommended it, I had a brief pink flashback, and then submitted to the needle. They assured me that it would cause nothing more than a slight fever and a sore arm. I thought about how sad the sea monkey would be having to swim in a mixture of amniotic fluid, puke and diarrhea, in the off chance it got the flu, too. When I called the hospital today, the nurse suggested that I may have already had the flu. Its not a very big leap from the typical preggy nausea- and-vomiting to not being able to hold anything down. I am not that worried- i do not have a fever, nor the host of terrifying other symptoms the nurse read me from her list and I am going back to the hospital tomorrow


M. L. Benedict said...

Oh, no, the last thing you needed. But you are providing terrific immunities for the sea monkey. Sorry you feel so bad, though.

Camille said...

thanks- i am feeling better already.

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