Monday, September 21, 2009

Of Sea Monkeys and Excuses

This blog has been quiet for a while now, and there are two major reasons.
1) School started nearly a month ago. Not only am I spending a lot of time at the computer already (so going online on my own time isn't so appealing), but school is sucking up my entire brain this year. I come home, and it's spent, gone, kaput.
2) The arrival of the Sea Monkey. We caught it in France, and every day it gets bigger, its sucks more energy, and hopefully it is getting cuter. Right now it looks like a roast pheasant, depending on which way you hold the ultrasound. We are super-excited here at Chez Dutch, and our lives are already starting to get rearranged. Sadly, one of the first things to go has been our social lives. We appreciate all the lovely and exciting invitations we have been recieving for the last few months, and we are sorry if we have not been able to attend. In addition to not having much energy, things that normally were easy and didn't take much time (like putting on my shoes) are suddenly huge productions that require careful planning, coordination and execution. Even getting up in the morning is fraught with danger, the unexplained and bizarre tangents. On most days, it is a miracle if I even make it to work, and by the time I get to work, I am done for the day.
The Victorians were right.
All my life I have taken my good digestion for granted. But now, its gone. The sea monkey has it. Maybe when it is done gestating, it will give it back to me. In the meantime, please pass the bag and hold your nose. I even have to be careful what I think about, because sometimes thoughts are nauseating. In fact, the word "nauseating" is nauseating right now.
The Weekends are for Sleeping.
And maybe a feeble attempt at picking up the dirty socks before I collapse into an insensate heap on the floor.
Cooking, Ew
I never ever thought it would happen to me, but cooking is gross now. At some other time, I loved to cook, and I think I may have even wrote about it. Produce is rotting in the fridge. In fact, opening the fridge makes me heave (a job for Dutch). Dinner has been reduced to going out to eat, or microwaving potatoes. The microwave does not make me retch, fortunately. Going to the grocery store is a dicey operation (the colors, the smells! too much!).
Driving, Ouch
Driving is not much fun these days. Between our bumpy California roads and the sitting, driving anywhere has become another ring of hell. So if your invitation requires a road trip, we'll probably pass.
What is left?
It may seem like our lives are now a bunch of nulls, there are some beautiful things that have emerged through the green haze. I now have a reason to call my mom every single day. She is fun to talk to, and very helpful. Getting to know my health providers is interesting. I usually avoid hospitals, but now I get to go every few weeks, and it isn't all bad. In fact, I even got to go with Dutch, and it was positively familial. I am learning all about what is going on in my body, and what to expect. Now that I am telling people, I am getting so many hugs and good wishes. We have something in the future to look forward too besides tax returns and bills. Once we got over the shock (we are still working on that) Dutch and I are having fun discussing names and figuring out details.
EDD April 10th, 2010


jessica said...

congratulations! i was thrown by the sea monkey reference, probably due to doing twelve things at once. the rearranging your lives thing gave it away. surely one wouldn't do that for an actual sea monkey. maybe. hurray!!

dutch said...

The sea monkey's name will be be 'Voldegorn'.

(that is, if it is a boy ...a girl named Voldegorn would just be plain silly.)

H said...


Nori said...

Congratulations! So excited for you!

M. L. Benedict said...

Just imagine: That little being is retelling the story of humankind at a cellular level! I'm so happy for you.

raybon said...

Very cool. Snacking on crackers during the night/morning may help some with the nausea. We went through a lot of bread and crackers when Nori was pregnant.

Poulet said...

Congrats again! Your digestion may be hindered, but your wit is undaunted. First Travis Ishikawa, now the Sea Monkey. Indestructible, that wit.

We're a month behind you and Dutch -- so far, so good. Counsel does report, though, a heightened sense of smell. That came in quite handy when looking for a new place to live. "What do you mean you don't smell that? I smell dog!" Et cetera.

The Nikkster said...

OMG!!! Woohoo!!! What a shock! What a surprise! Congratulations! What an amazing time for you two!

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