Thursday, September 3, 2009

Radio France

Dutch and I spent a lot of time in the car in France (when we were there) listening to the radio.  We noticed a few things.

1) the local accordion-spiced French-language hip hop is fantastic.
2) the radio we heard in Germany is significantly less interesting for English-speakers, at least. (Dutch complained it was all Spice Girls)
3) We heard the above song a bunch of times, but we never caught who the artist was.  We'd never heard it before, but it sounded like we should have, it was so good.  After we got home, Dutch did some snooping around and emailed me the name (with no other context, a typical Dutch move).

I  got an email that contained only the words "Charlie Winston" so I googled him, and the video below popped up. 

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Kay said...

HA! There are definite similarities and overlaps when comparing those two videos. Would make an interesting subject for an essay ... Thanks for the entertainement on a Fri night after work while sipping a white wine! ;)

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