Saturday, October 3, 2009

incontinencia buttocks

When my mother spoke to me about the things that made girls special, she omitted that whole bit we know as "stress incontinence." I can see why, in retrospect, going into depressing details like that would seriously damage the propaganda she was trying to impress on me. Now that the sea monkey is using my floor muscles as a trampoline, I can no longer ignore the little oopsies when I sneeze or cough or get up too suddenly. So today when I was at the drug store I picked up a package of "female continence pads". I feel like I have really and truly joined the chick club.


The Nikkster said...

I remember my sister telling me a similar story about laughing never being the same after having her son. I guess that's another one of the "beautiful" things about being with child.

H said...

My mom told me about the other "issues" when she was pregnant with me. Preparation H for the preparation of H. I think my sister was the insanely easy pregnancy.

Camille said...

LOL, so far, no necessity for Preparation H.

rosa said...

oh honey. the fun is just beginning!

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