Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am sitting with Dutch at one of our favorite cafes.  To be considered a favorite cafe-- a place needs to be within walking distance of the house, serve both beer and coffee, and it helps if they have comfortable chairs.  It helps even more if it serves good food.  Dutch was trying to study and I was going to read some Pynchon when a gaggle of beer-drinking Irishmales came in to celebrate some soccer thing (they weren't all men, one was an infant).  Their table was a litter of empties (beer and a bottle) and a box of diapers.  The decibel level quadrupled.  I love the city sometimes.  People are never entirely predictable, and especially not here.  Needless to say, Dutch had to get out of the maelstrom of beer, brogues and spit-up if he was going to get anything done.  Fortunately, there was a table in a quiet corner.  This place is still our favorite cafe.

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