Thursday, November 12, 2009

Am I Bitter?

Circumstances are making me mad.

For example:

Exhibit 1

I worked hard to make sure that our rent wouldn't be more than a third of our combined take-home pay. I looked at a lot of places, and crunched a lot of numbers. Lots of people aren't as lucky as we are. We scored with our apartment, in terms of location and cost.

Exhibit 2

I found out, way too late, that my maternity package is terrible. In fact, I was chatting with my HR lady yesterday, and she said that while I am on leave, if my principal hires a "real teacher" to cover me, its very possible that the District will be sending me a bill instead of a check every month. I am hoping that my principals hire "fake teachers" who get "fake wages." She counseled me to take as little time off as possible, as a long leave could have dire financial consequences. Basically, I'll be paying the salary for whomever takes over. She also said I'd need a doctor's note to take off time before my due date. According to my research, working up till one's due date increases the chance of a premature birth. The HR lady even admitted that three teachers had to go on leave early because they delivered early just since September. Does the district hate babies? I feel like I am being penalized for this pregnancy. In a perfect world, a teacher's baby means money from the state in a few short years when the child enters kindergarten. As it is, we are going to be moving out of the City (see exhibit A) and taking our child to another District. Additionally, my monthly health care premium would skyrocket from $20/month to $273/month, if I cover the baby through them. Fortunately for us, Dutch has real benefits.

Exhibit C

Student loans. For Dutch's and my 15-ish years of combined college. Its ugly and its not going away anytime soon.

Exhibit D

San Francisco is billing itself as a "Sanctuary City." Which is great if you are an underage, illegal felon. The sanctuary won't extend to the Sea Monkey. This is one stranger that will be left outside your door.

Exhibit E

Our Carbon Footprint is relatively small compared to what it was when Dutch and I lived in the 'burbs. And I am apologizing now to the victims of global warming for the ridiculous amounts of gas Dutch and I are going to burn getting to work once we move into my parents' house after Christmas.

I am trying not to be bitter right now. My parents are saints for rescuing our sorry asses. It will be easy to gain baby weight once I am within spoon's-reach of Mom's kitchen. Hanging out with the KB will be lots of fun, too. I know we are not alone, thousands of Bay Area families are in the same bind as we are-- trying to balance family and work in an increasingly hostile environment.


M. L. Benedict said...

I think you should check with fair labor practices (no pun intended) and the teachers' union before you accept the district policy.

Camille said...

thanks! I'll do that.

Anonymous said...

There's something really wrong with that... they can't bill you for having a substitute. Can they?! I'd look into that as your friend said.
Sorry things are so hairy lately. Yikes.

Nori said...

That sounds awful, and I don't blame you if you are bitter. But I know things will work out for you, Dutch, and the Sea Monkey. It will probably be hard, but also wonderful. I sometimes wish I had my Mommy around all the time, so in some ways you are very lucky!

Poulet said...

Legal Counsel agrees with M.L. She says check with the teacher's union.

H said...

you have every right to be feeling bitter... that sucks and isn't right.

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