Sunday, November 8, 2009


I keep harassing Dutch about blog posts that keep coming to my mind and then, further adding to his frustration, never writing them. The following are abstracts of potential blog posts I'll never actually write (unless, you my adoring, patient readers demand more).

A New Level of Consumer Victimhood

Cord Blood Banking with CBR® helps you protect your baby - and enjoy peace of mind

I am used to walking into an Urban Outfitters store and being bombarded by the marketing of tchochkes and housewares that are aimed right at my forehead. Usually I can look at the stuff, laugh at myself and my generation and move on. But now that I am a proto-parent, the clever marketers are now aiming at my solar plexus. We have been inundated with baby marketing (diapers, maternity clothes, furniture) for useful stuff that I'll probably be getting second hand, or picking up off the sidewalk (the joys of living in a city). Those adverts I can usually ignore or shrug off. But the cord blood banking people have climbed to the pinnacle of alarmist obnoxiousness. Looking at their ads, it appears that if we don't bank our cord blood we are evil, terrible parents, bad people and flirting with disaster. I actually spoke to my very down-to-earth non-alarmist Ob-Gyn the other day about it and he said it was a scam. I like my Ob-man. He has a soft voice, a gentle touch and he doesn't like wasting time.

Gattaca Ruined Genetic Testing For Me

At my first prenatal appointment with a nurse practitioner, I was asked to strongly consider the level of genetic testing that I wanted. I had a week or two to make a decision. She gave me a xeroxed flow chart and some other papers to look over with my partner. Additionally, I had to answer a 10 page survey that we also went over (touching light and cheery topics like my rampant alcoholism and disturbingly high blood pressure and less-than-ideal weight). At the end of the appointment, she asked if I had any questions. I stood there looking at her dumbly. It was the closest I had ever come to a complete trancelike state. Of course I had questions, probably a million of them. So many that my brain shut down with the gridlock. I eventually decided against it-- a combination of inertia (more visits to the hospital meant more subs to be arranged), my politics (wombs are for growing in) and the movie Gattaca.

Dutch on BBC!

Its true, he's an international superstar now. His letter is read at the very end of the program (right at 52:20)

Celluloid Christians

In addition to the Samurai Movie Kick, the Silent Movie Kick and the German Movie Kick, Dutch has been seeking out Christian Movies. I tend to equate Christian Movies with terrible propaganda, low-budget production, obscure mid-century pieties, or even worse, Mel Gibson. But Dutch, in his patient research has uncovered a number of excellent movies, all foreign, all entertaining and appropriate for infidel and believer alike.

Usually seeing Christians portrayed in movies is a painful experience. Between terrible stereotypes, gross misuderstandings, Bible-misquotes, there is usually much to cringe at. Granted, there is plenty to cringe at in Christian history and contemporary culture. That said...

Ordet is a great movie. Not only are denominational feuds lovingly and realistically portrayed, there are curmudgeony old grandpas, a crazy-ex-seminarian with a Messiah complex, non-obnoxious children, a screen play written by a man who was martyred by Nazis, and lots and lots of coffee drinking and pipe smoking. Oh yes, and you will cry. It was the first time I saw Dutch cry. I cried, of course, but I cry at the end of nearly all movies now.


rosa said...

Oh man, Gattaca! Totally! He's essentially a non-person, can't get a good job, his perfect brother is hunting him down, and he has to get in an incinerator and loofah his body everyday, and the bitter quad Olympic swimmer-I mean, just let him be an astronaut, even if he does have a dickey heart! I've tried to get that movie out of my head for years. I can understand why you would balk at genetic testing.

Camille said...

did you see the DVD? They have a deleted scene where they go through a list of famous people and all the reasons they'd probably have been aborted today. Its very inspiring.

H said...

How are your ob-man's hands? My ob/gyn is a petite Asian woman with very small hands. I think this is suitable for her work.

Camille said...

I haven't looked at his hands, but they certainly haven't been intrusive.

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