Saturday, October 24, 2009


Our fall copy of Esopus arrived today.

Speaking of literary gems--

I assigned my kids a 300 word essay on an artist while I was sick. Having the students write is always a challenge, especially when its on a computer with internet access. I lectured long and hard about how I wanted them to write their own stuff and not just copy and paste from Wikipedia. I tried to walk them through it (partially in absentia) the best I could. Since most of them are English language learners, I know its an extra challenge. Imagine my delight as I was grading them to find that most of them took a little license and used a little imagination. I told them I wouldn't take off points for grammar or mechanics, since I wasn't looking for perfection, just a break from repackaged wikipedia.

So he built his own art school and he started to teach kids to paint and grown up to be a painter like him.While he was teaching kids to paint like him, he gets paid $1,000 a moth but sometimes he travels somewhere else so he gets a substitute to take over his place for a while and he pays for his team and him to get on the plane that cost $1,000 also.So he doesn't make much money.

-an excerpt from an essay about Diego Rivera

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