Friday, January 15, 2010


I was just checking this blog and I was shocked to see that the Nipple Report was my last utterance. I could have sworn that I wrote about Christmas. Those entries must have only been made in my imagination.

Well, Happy New Year.

As we currently don't have much nets at our current locale (at the Ancestral Manse, in the Hamlet-by-the-Sea)-- this is going to be short.

Fetus Update!

Depending on who you ask, I am 6 or 7 months right now. According to the internet, the Sea Monkey is 2 lbs! When she moves around it feels like a small whale is rolling over. I am still not used to sharing my body with someone else. Its kind of like having a roommate-- no privacy. (Not that she even knows what is going on-- who can say, really? but still-- we are an us now).

more later!


M. L. Benedict said...

You are welcome to my DSL and Apple any time.

Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Love the apt description of your baby like a small whale rolling over.

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