Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life in the Hamlet

Musical Rooms
 Dutch and I finished moving our household into my parents' former bedroom.  My parents moved into their former guest room.  The kneebiter didn't have to move her stuff at all (but the poor thing had to help all of us move).  The laundry room moved onto the back porch.  The former laundry room is in the process of being transformed into a very tiny nursery (for a very tiny person). 

Amazing Rural Californians
During the Big Storms of Two Weeks Ago, I managed to blow the headgasket on my dad's truck while I was trying to get to work, so now we are down to four drivers and two cars.  Fortunately, Dad has forgiven me, but we are going to have to put the truck down.  Through an ingenious combination of cell-phones and carpools and lots of waiting around, we are managing to get everyone where they are going every day.  Which is a small miracle, considering busses are not an option (it comes by four times a day).  Fortunately, no one seems to be in a terrible rush.

My Brain is Full
I am planning on only working eight more weeks this school year and the reality that my end is coming soon is a bit scary.  I want to leave the classes in good hands with lots of materials, lesson plans and support, but the likelihood that I actually will leave things a total mess is high.  Plus, I want to leave some brain cells for baby preparation.

Other than That
Things are going well.  I saw my OBman today and he said everything was "good."  The barfing, the diarrhea, the queesiness, the mild anemia-- all typical, normal and totally overshadowed by that fabulous little beating heart.  (150 bpm, totally normal).

In the Meantime
Every morning at 7:15 I say hello to the Mighty Pacific (lately bathed in an ethereal pink light).  At 7:20 I greet Montara Mountain (all 1800 feet) bedecked in a stunning green mantle of poison oak and specks of granite.  At 7:50 the Dinosaur Fern Forest in Golden Gate Park.  And sometime around 8, the brick-and-copper Art Nouveau edifice of the Institution.

I am thankful.


M. L. Benedict said...

I am thankful for you.

rosa said...

Yo tambien!

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