Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Bay Area Writing Project May Save This Blog

One of the cool things we've been doing at work is a series of writing workshops. I have been to three sessions, and they have all been really helpful-- mostly for me. The teacher gives us all these writing prompts and strategies to get the children to think. Since I don't teach a writing class (tho' I do write with my students when we start our animation projects), not all of it is completely applicable. What goes through my head the most is "what a cool blog entry that would be"

I am snuggled in bed right now, wondering what to write. This is my second entry in as many days-- which is a lot for me right now (it seems I have been getting about one entry per month). Not that quantity is the same as quality, but I feel like my writing muscles have been getting very lax and I'd like to keep them up. Maybe in the future I can blog and breastfeed. (whoops! I said breast!)

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