Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blogging from bed

Modern Living

Dutchy just set up the computer so I can blog from bed. For those of you modern people who have laptops, this isn't a novel experience at all, but here, we just too lazy and po' to make that investment. So right now, I am propped up in bed with pillows, reading the computer screen via a very complicated system of wires on the TV, with the wireless mouse proppped on a pillow near Dutch's head and the wireless keyboard sitting on my pregnant tum. The baby could kick any minute and knock over this house of cards.


Without moving the location of my body, or disturbing the Sleeping Dutch, I just posted a picture of my tum/hand/keyboard/tv screen in this very post!

Back to reality

I am still waiting for word about my Haitian Compassion sponsor child. For the last ten years, I have been content to exchange a few letters with her a year, but its really horrible to get form letters from Compassion saying that they have no idea whether she is dead or alive. I have been praying that she is okay. And that, literally, is all I can do at the moment. In spite of my petty technological conquest, I still have the same tools for combatting pain and suffereing that have been available to people for the past few millenia.

Third Trimester

I have been feeling almost normal for the past month or so. I have been trying to get ready for my maternity leave, but taking time off when I (currently) feel so good seems strange. I have been doing my pregnant lady homework, and reading all the literature my hospital provides religiously, but one question remains. Where, exactly, are my intestines right now? Just about every diagram looks like this. It shows the uterus, the baby, the end of the rectum, the ol' bladder-- but what about the other stuff? The baby's head is right us against my spine. Where are my kidneys? I always imagined the intestines are rather large things, but where do they go? They aren't sticking out my sides, are they on top of the baby? How do they make it from the top of the baby down to the rectum? Are they hanging out with my lungs? What about my diaphram-- wouldn't it block things from migrating too far up? My stomach is squished, I can tell bacuase sometimes I feel really full, even though I haven't eaten for hours. And why does it seem like my head is swollen? My nightime snoring has gotten so bad that it wakes me up (not to mention long-suffering Dutch). I am constantly letting out snorts in the day, too. It would be funny if it was someone else. Are my intestines squishing my head? Its the ONLY explanation. Another possibility is that my intestines are in my feet right now. When I stand up, my feet are so swollen, my toes don't touch the ground.


Anonymous said...

Oh Girl! Do toe curls and ankle pumps- a lot. Then knee curls. Don't do 'em in standing, too much trouble just sitting or even in bed. These'll help your feet. Plus-if that really is where your intestines are, it'll also aid digestion... you can't lose!

Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Fabulous! I am still in awe that you are goingtohaveababyee! (I remember when you were single and an artist in wherever it was ... riding your bike to wherever you went ... ) :)

Camille said...

hey anony, the toe curls and knee pumps are helping!

rosa said...

I'm sorry to report from personal experience that Kegels are actually a very good idea. Especially after having the baby and you want to do things like sneeze, cough & laugh without certain other embarrassing things happening at the same time.

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