Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After the Afterbirth

I don't remember much.

They put me in a different room, smaller without a crib, but with a
view of the city.  I was still on the magnesium and the pitocin, so I
had the functionality of a log.  I couldn't go to the bathroom without
help.  Every time I had to go, someone had to help me unplug the IV
machine and help me navigate over the threshold.   A very nice nurse
set me up with a pile of disposable underwear and hospital pads. I
had a special hat that went in the toilet bowl so I could log my
quantity of pee. In some cases the magnesium causes a build up of
water in the lungs, so measuring urine output is a way to make sure my
liquids are going where they are supposed to. I also had to log
everything I drank, including the juice in the fruit cocktail.

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