Monday, March 29, 2010

Babies is good company

LuLu has been home for 9 days now.  We've had a chance to get a little routine going.  We have entertained visitors, gone shopping (boy, does Dutch love antique stores), and been back to the clinic twice.  And while she hasn't been gaining weight as fast as her doctors would like, she hasn't been losing it, either.  We have a hot date with the Lactation Specialist this week. 

Our first batch of cotton diapers arrived (thank you donors!) this morning and I put one on her.  None too soon because the combination of the diaper genie and the disposables are giving me a headache (that super absorbant acrylic gel in the diapers, the yucky perfume and the obnoxious amount of waste on the genie offend my inner hippie). 

All that to say, after Dutch went to work today, I changed and fed the papoose.  Now I am laying in bed, listing to LuLu breath next to me and the birds and the heater and the highway and everything is peaceful.  

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