Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Baby

LuLu has been home for almost four weeks.  We have settled into routines and we have created new ones.  She finally started gaining weight (after not gaining any weight for a long time) and is looking less like a Jesus from a medieval painting and more Gerber.  Dutch and I are adjusting (there really isn't a choice, we can either adjust gracefully or awkwardly).  Communication has become that much more critical and proportionately harder.  We used to be able to do laundry.  I would generally start it and he would finish it, but yesterday I came home from a routine doctor's appointment to find the laundry exactly as I left it.  Why couldn't he read my mind?  Why didn't LuLu chip in with the folding?  Heck, why couldn't the washer machine put it in the drier itself?  So now in retrospect I feel rather silly (what! My mental telepathy still doesn't work!)

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H said...

She is.
My sib looked at the pics I took of her last week and thought the same, even after looking at newborn pics from some of our own relatives.

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