Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I know about LuLu

It strikes me as odd to find myself devoting my life to a person I hardly know.  Parents do it all the time, but that still doesn't take from the mmiraculous aspect of it.  So I have decided to list what I know about LuLu.

Official, Department of Records sorts of things.  Not that revealing, unless I wanted to steal her identity (why?) or write her biography.  <i>Born to a middle class couple, in 2010, in North America...</i>

I know her parents really well.  Too well.  Those nosepickers...

She flaps her arms when startled.

She sleeps a lot.

She has a 100% human milk diet.

Her poop is well documented (I'll spare you the details).

She does not like "tummy time."

She likes napping with Dutch.  Dutch's napping prowess is legendary.

She is on track with all her immunizations.

She likes her pacifier.

She doesn't walk.  She is incontinent.

She doesn't talk.  Normally, when I meet new people, we talk and that is how we get aquainted.  I don't know if she likes Nick Cave, or if she is a fan of sushi.  I can't check her out on facebook.  I can't secretly look at her friends list.   All the normal routes are closed.  Now I am starting to wonder if I know anyone as well as I know LuLu.


Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Lovely! Just lovely. Such a great idea to write about being a mother from that point of view. And you write it so well. (And she's so gorgeous ... so sweet).

dutch said...

Shouldn't that be napping 'on' Dutch...

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