Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colors of my baby

Having spent too much time In my youth Mixing colors , and looking at (holler talk talk talk oh) Color , naturally i look for it all the time. Now that i'm spending all my time with Baby LuLu, Color is still an important part of my awareness . Zinc oxide, Which i'd previously known as a white pigment, having a translucent quality I prized, is now something I routinely paint on Lulu's rear end To prevent diaper rash . Cod liver oil and zinc oxide Are the main ingredients in Desitin, a diaper rash ointment. Ferrous sulfate, the main ingredient in her polyvitamin , also makes it a very dark green color. Iron compounds are in many browns and rusty red colored paints. After the iron does its duties as hemoglobin in her blood , making her blood red , her skin pink , and her lips red, it gets recycled and comes out in the form of bilirubin, a yellow pigment that lends its color to her stool and urine. The build up of bilirubin in her system also made her skin yellow when she had jaundice as a newborn. My milk is white because of the calcium and I know she is getting enough, in fact she has grown 6 inches.

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Camille said...

Dear reader, I apologize for a strange capitalizations And this strange disease and spaces And fairly odd parents cynical comments In this blog entry . I have been using google speech application Sometimes it works , Sometimes it's strangely garbled. And sometimes tracview answer on am 2 cents. At least an imperfect country is better than no country song. Thank you for Reading.

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