Friday, July 2, 2010

Woolly Underwear

I like cast iron. You have to season it. You have to clean it carefully. But in the end it is less work and your food tastes better.  People used to use it all the time but it got replaced over the years by marerials that require less investment, like Teflon and stainless steel.

Wool underwear sounds about as comfortable as a wicker corset and as about au courant. But when I read that it is as water proof as rubber pants and has the added benefit of breathing it started sounding much more attractive. Especially since yeast thrives in damp environments. While disposables stay  dry,  I don't like the chemical dessicants touching her private parts.  So I bought a wool cover (from Green Mountain diapers ).  It was as fussy as seasoning new cast iron.  I had to wash it by hand and lanolize (imagine conditioning your hair ) it a couple of times before it stopped leaking like a sieve.  But it is by far the softest, kindest diapering object I could put on Lulu's heiny (short of training her to go diaperless). 
I am finding that my grandmother was right, wool is dandy (we have a wool soaker of my father's that my grand mother knit him when he was a baby ).


Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

A great idea. :)

H said...

just imagining a wicker corset gets me scratching uncomfortably.

Julie said...

Our babe has a rainbow of Thirsties Duo Wraps, which are pretty trim (for cloth) and work well. Except if he sleeps over 3 hrs on his side. So I bought some hemp doublers. When I add those it's one bulky bum. Thought about wool, but the cost gave me pause. Glad to hear it's been worth it. Maybe I'll think about it at the next size change.

Camille said...

Kay and Heather-- thanks for visiting!

Julie-- do I know you? Thanks for visiting-- the wool is spendy, but I only bought one and I use it at night and I use the rubber pants in the day.

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